Five Flavours Asian Film FestivalNews

Five Flavours goes fully online!

Five Flavours will have its own VOD platform, created specifically with the Festival and its needs in mind. The Festival will take place from Nov 25 till Dec 6.

Responding responsibly to challenges, while ensuring the highest quality of offer and safety of viewers, the Festival is moving fully to the Internet, but in a longer and even richer form.

From the beginning, the 14th edition of the Five Flavours was planed with viewers both in cinemas and at homes in mind. Deciding on going fully virtual one moth before the event, allows Festival team to focus all efforts on online activities, guaranteeing that the digital version of the Festival will bring just as much knowledge, experiences, and emotions as its offline version would, by creating even more diverse program and finding new contexts for the films.

Festival organisers hope that the internet will help to expand and reach the audiences who, for various reasons, were not able to come to Warsaw before. Program will be available on purposely built VOD platform all over Poland.

Some of this year’s sections were designed specifically for online showings and to ease possible second lockdown. Film section “Journey to Asia” will let viewers wander through some of the least known corners of the continent in a year, which made ability to travel significantly limited. Culinary section “Tasty Cinema” encourages experiments with Asian cuisines – also in viewer’s kitchens. The cutting-edge VR section will let audiences dive deep into the distant future on a scale which, until recently, seemed like like a fantastical science-fiction endeavor.

A year ago, making an online film festival seemed abstract. Today, the virtual space opens new possibilities. The Festival team is working hard on preparing additional materials, online meetings with filmmakers, virtual discussions, and introductions to the films, filled with intriguing cultural and production details, which will enrich the home screenings with an extra dose of knowledge and contextual trivia.

Full program of the Festival will be announced on October 29.