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Five Flavours film podcast

New space for discussion about rich and extremely diverse world of Asian cinematography was created by programmers of the festival.

As a new way of engaging festival’s audiences throughout the year, as well as sharing knowledge and passion for Asian cinema, the programmers of the Five Flavours, Jagoda Murczyńska and Marcin Krasnowolski commenced the Five Flavours podcast. It’s meant to be a place where we will discuss the rich and extremely diverse Asian cinema, a space for discussion on current events, production announcements, Asian films in Polish cinemas and at international festivals. The bi-weekly episodes feature film recommendations, analysis of phenomena related to the world of cinema, as well as interesting facts from the behind the scenes of film and film festivals.

So far 10 episodes were produced in which variety of themes such as legendary Studio Ghibli, Asian disaster films, Chinese film industry and cinematographies of India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore were discussed. Five Flavours has also created a group on Facebook, in which news from the Asian film world will be shared. It supposed to become a space for discussion and inspiration, and during the 14th hybrid edition of the festival it will become a place in which all viewers, those at home and at cinemas, will be able to talk about films they have seen.