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Film sections of 14th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival announced

Foodies, travellers and tech savvy audiences will definitely be satisfied.

2020 film trip to Asia will take place in a hybrid form: in Warsaw’s venues and on a special Internet platform. All viewers, both in front of the big as well as small screens, can count on a wide range of proposals and experiences. This year’s programme invites audiences to travel to extraordinary corners of East and Southeast Asia, to discover the secrets of Asian cuisine, but also to explore the world of new film possibilities.

Journey to Asia
The section “Journey to Asia” will lead through lesser-known regions of the continent. Selected films will present how the past meets modernity, how social change affects the natural environment. Such road cinema, which combines the film traditions of different cultures, is an excellent starting point for both conscious tourism and internal journeys.

Tasty Cinema
The programme of the culinary section will, in turn, provide an opportunity to explore Asian food culture: its rituals, symbolism and feelings, hidden in the aroma of spices and taste of dishes known for generations. Cooking and eating together is an excellent way to break down barriers between people, and at the same time it is a perfect excuse for building exciting film narratives.

Asian VR
A new feature in the Five Flavours programme will be “Asian VR” featuring films made in virtual reality. VR is already coming out of the pioneering and experimental phase: this modern technology is creating daring and sophisticated projects, seducing with form and surprising with original narratives. The heart of these changes is currently beating in Asia, where most VR films are made today, addressed both to mass audiences and festival audiences looking for ambitious content from renowned auteurs. The programme of the section will be available both in Warsaw’s venue and at homes!

Hong Kong Now
The Five Flavours, as usual, keeps its hand on the pulse of current political and social events. An important element of this year’s programme will be the section “Hong Kong Now”, which presents a selection of Hong Kong films from the last few years, using the best scripts of genre cinema – from melodrama to action cinema – to convey the tensions and emotions associated with the turbulent changes taking place in the region, which is being managed by China with an increasingly firm hand.

Echoes of social changes are also the main theme of the “Parasites” section. Inspired by the staggering success of Bong Joon-ho’s film, it will show new voices of the dynamically developing Korean cinema, which amazes audiences with its bold approach to difficult topics and daring combinations of genre conventions. In the subtle auteurs films and thrilling action movies, audiences will trace stories of class divisions, economic inequalities and paradoxes of existence in the contemporary world.

New Asian Cinema
As every year, the festival’s programme will also include the showcase of new Asian cinema – a set of titles that have had a wide impact in their home countries, from China and Japan to Indonesia. The section will feature films by renowned filmmakers and debutants, touching on the most important issues and experimenting with the film form. This year, due to pandemic, the section will not be competitive and there will be no People’s Jury.

Asian Cinerama
Films nominated and awarded by the Asian Film Awards Academy, featuring local box office blockbusters and mainstream films that earned wide critical acclaim.

Accompanying Events
Festival can’t work without meetings with fascinating artists. Although intercontinental travels are difficult to organise this year, presented films will still become a pretext for extensive discussions. Filmmakers will accompany viewers via online meetings after screenings, and our experts will invite the audience to explore Asian reality at debates and lectures. There will be surprises that will allow everyone to feel the festival’s emotions, no matter where they will be watching films.

Important dates
The sale of festival passes will start on 24 September.
The festival programme will be announced on 29 October.
The 14th edition of the festival will take place in Warsaw and on the Internet from 25 November to 2 December 2020.